Attending Physician Statement
In order to make the process of obtaining APS more efficient, MediFast provides APS service to insurance companies. Our thorough understanding of the procedures of medical record department in hospitals, together with our close follow-up, will definitely speed up the processing time of APS.
Free Specialist Referral Service
You will receive a comprehensive health check report, including check-up results and health recommendations by our doctors, in your choice of Chinese or English. Complimented with your report are information on various illnesses and preventive health care guidelines, exercise recommendations and stress management techniques, promoting you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Comprehensive Health Report
We are able to refer you to any specialists according to your needs as recommended in the medical report, including Oncologists, Cardiologists, Otolaryngologists, Gynaecologists, Gastrointestinalists, and others. We are also able to provide referral letters to specialty hospitals if needed.
Health Seminar
MediFast Health Education Team is composed of medical professionals with various areas of specialty. We organize different health talks for agents providing them with the most updated health information.
- Prevention of Cancer - Heart Disease
- Stroke - Diabetes
- Common Gastro - Enterology Disease
- Prevention & Treatment of Influenza
- Common Gynaecological Disease and Prevention
- Common Diseases of Respiratory System
- Hepatitis A & B - Stress & Illness
- Osteoporosis - Smoking & Health
Road Show Nursing Service
MediFast always organizes road shows with insurance companies to help agents to explore potential business opportunities.
Type of Test:
- Body Height & Weight & Body Mass Index (BMI)
- Blood Pressure - Pulse
- Body Fat Monitor - Color Blind Test
- Blood Test for Glucose (Instant Result)
- Blood Test for Cholesterol (Instant Result)
- Blood Test for Hepatitis B - HBsAg & HBeAg (Instant Result)