Mobile Health Check-up Service
Importance of Health Check-up
*According to the data from Department of Health, cancer, heart disease, pneumonia, cerebrovascular disease, and chronic lower respiratory diseases are Hong Kong's first five fatal disease in 2012*. Regular health checks can help early detection of critical illness and increase the chance of cure . To keep our physical body healthy, regular annual physical examination is always recommended.
* Source: Website of Department of Health (February 2014)
"I'm really very busy and don’t have time for physical examination!" I believe many of us will have the same feeling. Under the busy lifestyle, many people often ignore the importance of the health check. In view of this, MediFast launches a new Mobile Health Check-up Service. Simply call the inquiry hotline, our mobile medical teams will come to your designated place to arrange the health check-up and vaccinations for you.
Mobile Health Check-up Service includes:
What’s more, MediFast has joined the government vaccination scheme. For those clients who meet the below requirements can enjoy free
vaccination at our centres or we can arrange the mobile service for customers who have join the mobile health check service plan*.
* Mobile injection service for 1st dose only. Please call our enquiry hotline for 2nd & 3rd dose injection proceeding in our check-up centres or arranging mobile service ($380 per visit).
Documents required:
(must be Hong Kong residents)
AND meet either of the following conditions on the day of vaccination:
between the age of 6 months and less than 6 years; or
the age of 6 or above and attending a kindergarthen or child care centre in Hong Kong.
Your child's Hong Kong Birth Certificate or Hong kong Identity Card as a proof of your child's Hong Kong resident status.
You child's Student handbook / Student Card / Pick Up Card or or submit a stamped Pre-primary InstitutionCertification Form (if your child is 6 years or above but attending a kindergarten or child care centre
All vaccination record(s) of your child for doctor's reference
Duly complete and sign the Consent to Use Vaccination Subsidy Form.
(must be Hong Kong residents)
age 65 years or above on the day of vaccination
Hong Kong Birth Certificate or Hong Kong Identity Card as a proof of Hong Kong resident status.
All vaccination record(s) of your child for doctor's reference (if available)
Duly complete and sign the Consent to Use Vaccination Subsidy Form
• In case of any dispute, MediFast (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision and interpretation.
• MediFast (HK) Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate the offer and amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
All check-up items captioned in this coupon booklet are for prevention purpose only. They act as the diagnostic indicators which are neither for the purpose of medical diagnosis nor medical treatments. It is recommended that clinical diagnosis and doctor’s advice should be accompanied.