Wellness Check-up
It is believed that precaution is better than cure. That is why MediFast designs various wellness check-up programs for the general public. Based on your age, gender, lifestyle, occupation and family medical history, our medical professionals will specially design a check-up program just for you. In addition, free specialist referral service is available if needed. There are different types of check-up packages for you to choose from: Annual Health Check, Group Health Check, Pre-employment Check-up, Gynaecological Examination, Pre-marital Check-up, Domestic Helper Check-up, Vaccination Program.
Health Check-up
Ireventive health care should be performed when in healthy condition in order to avoid potential illness. Realizing abnormality in the body, one can prevent illness by changing life style, since illness is commonly caused by one’s living environment or life style. With the help of advanced technology, one can receive accurate result on body check, which helps to reduce the chance of getting illness.
Who needs to receive Pro - Health check - up?
- Anyone above the age of 30 should receive regular check-up;
- Ones with abnormal changes in body condition or function for an extended period of time;
- Ones with family history on disease;
- Whoever that feels the need.
Health check-up can detect problems beyond apparently “no symptom” or “no illness” for a regular person, which arouse one’s awareness on health care in case of sudden illnesses.